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Airsoft Minigun Review (M-134 6mm BB) – Updated!


Propellant: Co2 Or High Pressure Air up to 150 PSI
Ammo: 6mm .30 to .90gram
Magazine: 1700 Rd Internal (Optional Power Assist)
Construction: Body – 100% Metal W/ Plastic Rear Handle
Power Supply: 10.8/ 12.0/ or 14.2 Volt Ni-Cad Battery Power Pack
Velocity: +400fps
Manufacturer: Pipers Precision Products
Weight: 26lbs
RRP: $4,999

Introduction to the M-134 Airsoft Minigun

As you can see the piper precision products M-134 Minigun is not your average Airsoft weapon. It fires over 700 rounds (pellets metal or plastic) per minute.

Just to just give you an idea of the power on this thing please feel free to check out these videos:

Note: This was done using .88g steel bbs. The manufactuer can provide different regulators to suit your FPS needs.

Here are some more videos of the M-134 Minigun in action:

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