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UHC ASG Action Slide Gas Series Pistol

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Shooting Mode: Semi-Auto
Hop-Up: Non-adjustable
Magazine capacity: 15 rounds
Power: CO2 / Green Gas
Velocity: 300 fps
Recommended Retail Price: $US30-60

UHC ASG Action Slide Gas Series Pistol is a low-cost gun and perfect for beginner players! When you first think about buying it you may wonder about what kind of airsoft is that cheap. The price and the quality of this airsoft is what makes this gun, a gun for beginners. This gun has been around for quite some time but I wrote this article to help all the beginners.

This gun is strong and is a very realistic looking airsoft that offers an accuracy fixed barrel system like a real gun. This gun has an excellent gas system that shoots BB’s at an astonishing rate and with accuracy. It fires BB’s at about 300 feet per second. This gun is full-size and feels heavy. It is made from high in quality ABS plastic. This gun uses CO2 or Green gas as its propellant.

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