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Tokyo Marui G36C Airsoft AEG

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Tokyo Marui G36C Airsoft AEG

The choice for many SF Units and Counter-Terrorism Forces the world over. The G36c boasts the EG1000 motor, version 3 gearbox, folding stock and a bottom rail mount. Additional side rails can be easily added for laser and flashligh upgrades. The G36c has pin-point accuracy and packs a nasty punch. The magazines will even clamp together for lightning quick mag changes. Military forces and law enforcement in Europe and USA are currently using the real Heckler & Koch G36C. The H&K G36C is increasing in popularity and will soon be a one of the leading military & law enforcement assault rifles -such is the design and quality prowess of H&K. So, not surprisingly Tokyo Marui has taken over the project to make G36 as electric airsoft gun. Featuring solid construction and extreme attention to detail once again, this Tokyo Marui AEG appears to maintain the high quality standards of what we have learned to see from Tokyo Marui.

Tokyo Marui’s Airsoft AEG’s are the standard to which other Airsoft companies aspire. Tokyo Marui’s Airsoft AEG’s are characterised by their high quality ABS Plastic Bodies and Metal MechBox. These high quality parts make the Tokyo Marui Airsoft AEG’s very durable and they keep shooting straight and fast under almost any punishment. These guns use rechargeable batteries and typically when unmodified, fire 0.2g BB’s at around the area of 270- 305 feet per second and 0.8~1J of kinetic energy. Tokyo Marui’s Airsoft AEG’s are very reliable and realistic and you will not be dissappointed with your purchase. Please note, Tokyo Marui’s are cast in authentic gun molds and due to customs regulations some of the guns are not allowed into the U.S. without having their original trademarks removed.


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